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Salmon Preservation Fund

The Salmon Preservation Fund (or SPF) is an extension of the Powell River Salmon Society, designed to generate and manage assets which contribute to future sustainability of Powell River hatchery operations. While government support is distributed provincially and nationally, SPF funding stays local to the Powell River community.

Our Mission

The Salmon Preservation Fund makes it possible to evolve Powell River fundraising efforts; with your help, we aim to expand local hatchery operations, increase awareness, and aid in the life cycle of Pacific Salmon. Click the Donation link to make a difference!

Our Vision

To become self-sustainable, the Salmon Preservation Fund must increase local fundraising. Confidently providing for the Salmon in our ecosystem and keeping Salmon numbers healthy and returning to their rivers each year is a top priority.

Our Effort

The Salmon Preservation Fund contributes to the restoration of Pacific Salmon stocks, community sustainability, and educational opportunities. Keep up with our projects and updates to learn more about what we’ve been up to, and what we’re doing next!

Our Projects

New projects are always underway with the Salmon Preservation Fund. The more our community works together with the SPF, the more support we can offer to the life cycle of Pacific Salmon.

Tide Guide

The annual Powell River Tide Guide is one of the Salmon Preservation Fund’s most important fundraising initiatives. For a small donation, you can pick up a copy at many stores in the Powell River area.

Salmon Preservation Festival

Usually in October we like to hold our annual salmon preservation festival at the Alex Dobler Salmon Centre in Powell River. Of course, as you know we are currently facing a global health pandemic and much uncertainty surrounding the safety of large public gatherings. We are currently monitoring the situation and will weigh our options regarding the 2020 festival in a manor that respects the prescribed guidelines from our health authorities and prioritizes the safety of our community. We Sincerely thank-you for your patience and understanding.

Corporate Donation Sub-Committee

The Salmon Preservation Fund is working to form a corporate donation sub-committee, meant to benefit both the SPF and the Powell River Salmon Society. The newly formed committee is intended to promote the SPF, and source corporate donations.

Keep up with our latest efforts and opportunities – check out our blog, follow us on Instagram, find us on Twitter, or friend us on Facebook!

100% of all donations work in perpetuity

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